The Decryptonite event is over.

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Decryptonite Statistics

Number of participating schools : 52

Number of participating students : 5421

1DPS InternationalSahebjit Chhabra19
2DPS InternationalTanuj Maheshwari19
3DPS FaridabadAbhiroop Ashok19
4DPS InternationalRavin Sardana19
5DPS DwarkaNavendu Jha19
6DPS DwarkaAaryaman Chakraborty19
7DPS RanipurShubham Gupta19
8DPS DwarkaKapil Kalra19
9DPS Azad NagarAryaman chauhan19
10DPS DwarkaVirat Chopra19
11DPS BhopalNisarg Kolhe18
12DPS RanipurKetan Gupta18
13DPS RanipurRashi Mohan18
14DPS InternationalSachi chopra18
15DPS Azad NagarSagar Kumar17
16DPS InternationalDEVESH DAYAL17
18DPS InternationalAMAN GUPTA17
19DPS RanipurSimran Khanna17
20DPS InternationalAaryaman sheoran17
21DPS InternationalSRUJAN GUPTA17
22DPS RanipurGagandeep17
25DPS InternationalSHREY SINGHAL17
28DPS InternationalSAKSHAM GUMBER17
31DPS InternationalYash dixit17
32DPS InternationalShreyans Kulshrestha17
33DPS RanipurShaolin Kataria 17
35DPS RanipurHardik Bhatnagar17
36DPS InternationalSUMER SINGH16
37DPS Azad NagarMohd Zubair Khan16
38DPS InternationalSamay Gandhi16
39DPS InternationalKartik Soni16
40DPS RajkotAnkit Pandey16
43DPS RanipurHardik Bahtt16
44DPS RanipurAchyut Mujoo16
45DPS RanipurAbhinav Chaudhary16
46DPS SonepatVibhor Jain16
47DPS Ranipurkartik Thakral16
48DPS RanipurShivansh Tiwari16
49DPS RanipurAnant Mittal16
50DPS InternationalRachit Jain16
51DPS DwarkaArul Ajmani15
52DPS FaridabadAbhishek Agarwal15
53DPS FaridabadAnirudh Mehra15
54DPS RanipurRaghav Sharma15
55DPS RanipurShreyas Gupta15
56DPS RanipurLakshya Singh Panwar15
57DPS InternationalVatsal Bajaj15
58DPS Ranipurhardik parashar15
59DPS FaridabadAshwin Sekhari15
60DPS RanipurAnchit Suneja15
61DPS FaridabadRabnoor15
62DPS RanipurUtkarsh Bhardwaj15
65DPS RajkotVedant Rakholia15
66DPS GandhinagarRISHAB PAUL15
67DPS RajkotKaushal Kansara15
68DPS RajkotHarsh Bhalodi15
69DPS Chandigarhanirudh bhandari15
71DPS NumaligarhBarnam Pradip15
72DPS NumaligarhAnkita Agarwala15
74DPS Bopal, Ahemdabad, GujratYabhijit Dutta15
75DPS PatnaSaksham Deo15
76DPS BhopalShivankur Singh15
77DPS Chandigarhrohan ajit sharma15
78DPS Chandigarhvaibhav setia15
79DPS MeerutShubham Nain15
80DPS GandhinagarNIRAL PATEL15
81DPS SonepatPrasakshi Suhaag15
82DPS Sushant LokAkhil Tolani15
83DPS Vasant KunjAshish Goel15
84DPS LudhianaGurpartap Gill15
85DPS SecunderabadSuraj Pathak15
86DPS Chandigarhravneet singh15
87DPS Bopal, Ahemdabad, GujratRohan Chauhan15
88DPS MeerutParv Tayal15
89DPS Mathura RoadBHAVYA MEHID15
90DPS RajkotDarshit Bharadia15
91DPS Bopal, Ahemdabad, GujratSachit Gupta15
92DPS RajkotYash Sharma15
93DPS Chandigarhaksharansh bhatt15
94DPS ChandigarhChaitanya Josen15
96DPS Megacity KolkataAYUSH KHAITAN15
98DPS SonepatEkta Choudhary15
99DPS Balco, Korba.Suyash Kedia15
100DPS Chandigarhpahul aulakh15

Category - I Activity

DeCryptonite v2.0

Participation: All Delhi Public Schools
General Instructions
  • The online event will be conducted by DPS RK Puram from 0000 hours on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 to 2359 hours on Thursday, July 18, 2013.
  • Each participating school can be represented by any number of individual participants from classes 6 to 12. A teacher coordinator authorised by the respective school's Principal will do the registration of each participant individually.
  • Online Registration will begin on Monday, July 01 2013 and will remain open till July 17, 2013 at
  • The event entails a Cryptic Treasure Hunt in which students through their own login ids make their way through a series of online levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Participants will be ranked in ascending order of the number of levels solved and the time (e.g. 15:36:21 on July 18) at which they crossed their last solved level (time taken to solve an individual level is irrelevant).
  • On some levels, the participants will encounter some clues which shall all, together, point to one answer.
  • Participants may not be given different versions of the same level. However, scrupulous care will be taken in designing different versions of the same level so as to ensure that the difficulty and methodology behind solving each version of the level is same.
    • For Example:
    • Version #1: Decode "dwtmbkzm". Answer: exunclan
    • Version #2: Decode "bqqmf". Answer: apple
    • In both cases the approach to decrypting is the same. Go one letter forward or backward.
  • Clues may be presented in a number of forms, including, but not limited to the: Level Title, Source Code, anything that's on the screen.
  • The participants may look for answers anywhere, including, but not limited to, the Internet.
  • However, discussion of the levels and their answers with any person via any form of communicationface (face discussion, telephone, email, chat, videoconferencing, social networking platform) is strictly prohibited during the duration of the event. The organisers reserve the right to disallow participation to anyone suspected of doing so.
  • Answers will always be lower-case, alphanumeric and will contain no spaces, unless stated otherwise. (Numeric answers may contain decimal points) E.g. if the answer to Level 0 is "Guess Me", input "guessme".
  • Don't ignore any of the clues. If they weren't important, they wouldn't be there.
  • Beware of the spelling you enter, we cannot auto correct your spellings.
  • Remember that there are individual prizes and you are in competition with your friends as well.
  • Students of DPS RK Puram will be allowed to participate but shall remain non-competitive at all times.
  • Individual prizes will be given to the top 3 rank holders after the event.
  • Prizes will also be given to schools for Best Overall Performance (Weighted average of scores) and Highest Participation.
  • There is no participation fee for Category I Activities.

Category - II Activities

Participation: Delhi Public Schools in & around Delhi are expected to participate. (However, other Delhi Public Schools can also do so.)
General Instructions for Category II Activities
  • Venue : DPS RK Puram Day & Date : Saturday, July 20, 2013
  • Reporting Time : 09:30 AM Lunch : 01:00 - 02:00 PM
  • Valedictory : 2:30 to 4:00 p.m Dispersal : After the valedictory
  • All participants must report sharp at 9:30 a.m. for registration.
  • One team consisting of a maximum of 6. Students from classes VI to XII will represent each participating school. A computer teacher coordinator authorized by the respective school's Principal will do the registration. Online Registration will begin on July 01, 2013 and will remain open till Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at
  • All the non-competitive events, will run parallel to each other. Please ensure that no student is registered for multiple events.
  • Participation Fee of Rs. 350/- per person for Category II Activities only [including accompanying teacher(s)].
  • Valedictory Ceremony: All participants are expected to attend the Valedictory Function. Prizes / certificates will be given at the Valedictory Ceremony.

Non-Competitive Events/Interactive Training Sessions

Duration: 3-4 hours


Description and Eligibility


(per school)

1. Web Designing

This session is open to students of class 6 onwards and requires knowledge of basic computer usage and terminology. The session will primarily focus on HTML5, CSS3 and Web 2.0 technologies.

One student

2. Game Programming Logic

This event is open to students from class 9 onwards and requires basic programming (preferably C++) knowledge. The session will have prime focus on problem solving techniques and logic building used in development of games.

One student

3. Graphics and Animation

This event is open to students of all classes and requires knowledge of basic computer usage and terminology.

One student

4. Robotics

This event is open to students of classes 11th and 12th and requires basic knowledge of basic logic, circuits and mechanics.

One student

5. Mock Parliament Session

On the issue of "Impact of INTERNET on modern form of LEARNING". Open to students of all classes. Students are expected to have researched the issue in some depth so as to effectively contribute to the discussions. The entire session will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for students from various DPS schools to watch.

(Students coming to participate in this session are required to make sure that they do not repeat the facts/comments/suggestions/views, which are already discussed and delivered by other student members)

Two students

6. Python Workshop An interactive session of Python Programming
One Computer Teacher

For any queries/assistance related to Online/On-site Events please contact:

Host School Event Coordinator

Mr. Mukesh Kumar,

(E) |

(M) +91-9811685099, (S) +91-11-49115590