Decryptonite v3.0

Category - I Activity

DeCryptonite v3.0

Participation: All Delhi Public Schools
General Instructions

Category - II Activities

Participation: Delhi Public Schools in & around Delhi are expected to participate. (However, other Delhi Public Schools can also do so.)
General Instructions for Category II Activities

Non-Competitive Events/Interactive Training Sessions

Duration: 3-4 hours


Description and Eligibility


(per school)

1. Web Designing

This session is open to students of class 6 onwards and requires knowledge of basic computer usage and terminology. The session will primarily focus on HTML5, CSS3 and Web 2.0 technologies.

One student

2. Game Programming Logic

This event is open to students from class 9 onwards and requires basic programming (preferably C++) knowledge. The session will have prime focus on problem solving techniques and logic building used in development of games.

One student

3. Graphics and Animation

This event is open to students of all classes and requires knowledge of basic computer usage and terminology.

One student

4. Robotics

This event is open to students of classes 11th and 12th and requires basic knowledge of basic logic, circuits and mechanics.

One student

5. Mock Parliament Session

On the issue of "Impact of INTERNET on modern form of LEARNING". Open to students of all classes. Students are expected to have researched the issue in some depth so as to effectively contribute to the discussions. The entire session will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for students from various DPS schools to watch.

(Students coming to participate in this session are required to make sure that they do not repeat the facts/comments/suggestions/views, which are already discussed and delivered by other student members)

Two students

6. Python Workshop An interactive session of Python Programming
One Computer Teacher

For any queries/assistance related to Online/On-site Events please contact:

Host School Event Coordinator

Mr. Mukesh Kumar,

(E) |

(M) +91-9811685099, (S) +91-11-49115590