Decryptonite v3.0


Decryptonite v3.0 is over. We deeply appreciate the efforts all users put into solving the event throughout its duration.
We would appreciate some feedback at our Facebook page.

We apologise for the 48 minute delay with which Decryptonite v3.0 began. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we were able to roll out the event with a certain delay, however we deeply value our users and the patience you have shown. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

Decryptonite is a Cryptic Hunt and you need to participate in it as an individual participant and not as a group. Any discussions with regard to questions and answers through any means of communication (public/private blogs/social networks/email/sms/mobile phones etc.) with anyone is strictly prohibited. The participation of any/all such participant(s), if comes in the notice of administrators, will immediately be cancelled with no further intimation to the participant in this regard.
Any such activity in your knowledge should also be sent to with the email subject - "Unethical Participation" for appropriate action.

Instead of a standard leaderboard, for Decryptonite v3.0, we are in the process of implementing a system where users will be able to see only their own ranks. The system will be live in a few hours; we appreciate your patience!

Please check your spam / junk folders for the password, if it's not present in the inbox.
The Passwords are sent to email addresses of all the student participants. If you have not got any mail from us, it means either your school has not registered your name OR the email registred by the school is incorrect.
To resolve all issues, either send an email to or send us a message on our Facebook page.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Category - I Activity

DeCryptonite v3.0

Participation : All Delhi Public Schools
General Instructions

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