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The Computer Club of Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram



Exun, the computer club at Delhi Public School, R K Puram, stands for Experts "Unlimited". Our motto is "We not I" , which in essence means that we believe in team spirit. Exun was started in 1992 by the Head of Department, Computer Science, Mr. Mukesh Kumar and a small group of talented students. It is today a 50+ member organisation with its members standing out in various fields like computer programming, computer quizzing, web design & development, digital imaging, 3d design & animation, 2d animation,video and audio editing.

Exun members form an elite team of computer enthusiasts of all ages. They have represented the school in various computer symposia in India and around the world. They have been actively involved in activities like web page designing, software development and attending inter-school competitions. They have won several awards at various symposiums, excelling in nearly all of them and securing top positions.


The word "teamwork" loses its meaning without a team. All of our achievments are only possible because of our talented and dedicated members. But our members aren't just skillful, they make a united team, working as a part of a larger whole with everyone contributing to make exun even better.

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Hosted by the Mother's Int. School, MINET X is one of the largest tech events in Delhi/NCR. Exun clan bagged the overall trophy in MINET X 2015

Cyber Buzz

Amity Cyber Buzz is the prestigious annual technology symposium hosted by Amity International School, Sector-43, Gurgaon. Exun clan were the ovrall winners.


Ordinatrix is an interschool computer fest organised by Tagore International School every yeas. Exun bagged the overall trophy in the event.


Gateway is an anual IT copetition organised by Converge Clan of Montfort School, New Delhi. Exun was the overall winner in Gateway 2015.

Force Fest

Force fest is an IT symposium held at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai consisting of 11 events. Exun clan were the over winners here in the event.


Interfce in an IT event organised by St. Xavier's School, with an aim to make participants display their talent. Exun clan were the overall winners in the event.

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exunclan@gmail.com lnexun.com